Silly Encounter.

There’s this sexual partner I used to see as far back as 2014. Our last day of having sex was … More


I don’t want to be in your life Because I don’t want you to have a burning memories of me … More

Diary of Jonathan(pt.2)

Jonathan grabbed a motivational book as he laid on the bed. It read, ‘How To Overcome Anxiety.’ His right palm … More

Diary of Jonathan

He woke to his blue. The room was filtered in dark-gray from the light that rayed through the day blind. … More

Broken Hope.

So I was told, ‘there’s light after every tunnel. All you have to do is, walk or crawl or fly, … More

Letter To My Dears

And the people you’ve loved will deny you, They will tell you that you are alone, And that you have … More