Silly Encounter.

There’s this sexual partner I used to see as far back as 2014. Our last day of having sex was in 2014. He used to tell me, ‘You are not my kind. I do people like Denrele Edun or P-square or Alhajis.’ I took no offence. I knew why he said that. I was fighting with myself. I was usually wanting sex. I looked dirty and I smelled of perspiration from the past night.

I haven’t gotten anywhere yet, or done much for my life. But, beautifully, as well as interestingly, I am moving. Although, slowly. But, I am not on that bridge I was. I crossed it and I am facing, walking towards, a bigger, intricate bridge. I am happy for that.

He stays very close. The same town I stay. I wouldn’t visit because he claimed to stay with his uncle then. And, the first day I would meet him, we met at his uncle’s bungalow, and we had sex in his uncle’s car.

As he claimed, he was out of town weekdays, and in town throughout weekends. So, he would call me, or I would ping him when it was weekend, and when I was horny.

3 years has passed, and I have seen this guy 6 times thereabouts. I lost his contact, as I met him on 2go. And, his BBM was, at a time, inactive, that I had to delete his contact.

I saw him at Masha, then Barracks, early this year. He saw me, but snubbed me.

I am usually that person who still says ‘hi’ when I know you are being corky. I patted him, smiled at him and said, ‘Hi. Good evening.’ He smiled at me, pretending like he didn’t see me earlier, then he said, ‘Hi,’ while I said, ‘Bye.’

I had wanted to ask for his line, but I couldn’t. I was scared. Or should I say anxious. It passed, until I began to see him lately, including today. He is now built in attitude. He acts as though I had never met him. All stupid attitudes.

When I saw him at the ATM centre today, he was with a guy. It was a long queue, so I was the last person when he was the next to proceed. The guy he was with sighted me while I was walking up to line with the queue. He stylishly walked behind me to scrutinise me.

I am that woke when in public places. I side-sight too much, for my personal reasons.

The guy, the old sex partner, walked beside me to meet his companion. They both laughed as the guy that was scrutinising me from behind said something I hardly heard, which I think was about how I walked. I am not sure if he would be telling him that we had once had an encounter.

P.S: Would you make efforts to talk to this guy if you were in my shoes? Advice needed.


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