Insomniac: Short Film Script

Hi, guys! It’s been a while I articulated here. It’s all due to my consistency on a lot of findings.

Over the time I had a break, I have learnt little from people and the net. I have also researched about this Nigerian-American writer, Teju Cole, and I must say that I love him, although, I had only read a few of his short stories.

However, I am not telling the normal stories today. I am here to share with you a little about what I do, another diversity in writing, screen writing. 

Here is a script titled Insomnia. It is a story that talks about a young man whose barriers and consistency led to his dream-to-reality. 

As you read it, be filled! 

Love from me to you!


INT. Bedroom- Night

Matthew is a curious, twenty-one-year-old man who has been living all by himself since he was eighteen. He loves to explore the world through his gadgets: phone and laptop, hoping he’d reach for his dreams soon. He barely sleeps since he clicked 19. He wants luxury, and he has been working hard through the help of the internet, with his gadgets. He is a good, brainstorming writer, so he is always surfing for writing job opportunities. He is on the bed, in his bedroom, with his laptop as a source of light to give details to his face. He is dark with afro hair. He is, as usual, searching for job opportunities around his writing skills.


I am Matthew. I am a writer. I barely sleep because I am being disturbed by success. Even if I have to sleep, I sleep for at least 40-45 minutes, and the rest of my night would be spent behind my phone or laptop. What am I always doing? Some beneficial things, and less of the time, watching my favourite porns.

 Matthew gets up from his bed to fetch some glass of water. The camera is on the laptop, as it is the source of lighting, illumination, to the spot Matthew is. Matthew returns with a glass of water, sits in front of his laptop, with his legs criss-crossed in a way Yoga is being performed. 

INT. Bed room- night

Matthew lays with his right side, pillow as a pillar to raise his head above normal, his laptop at his front with his phone on it. A teddy at his back. A pillow between his crotch, as if to say he is feeling cold, but it is his dick rising at the content projecting on his laptop screen; a porn.  


This is one of the disadvantages for me being insomniac. I am watching porn. I watch it when I am so distressed, pass the normal level, which keeps me awake normally. I can’t help myself. My friend has recommended I saw a doctor, but I refused. I think being insomniac is normal, and that people are like that.  

Matthew gets up from the bed as he closes his laptop. It is dark to see his erecting dick. He is going to get a lubricant to wank himself. 

                    MATTHEW (o.s)

It is what insomnia has caused me. I wank every three nights, with or without porn. I hear it is depression, but I don’t think so. I am simply insomniac. 

INT. Bathroom-Night- continuous 

We hear pleasant sounds of sex at the blank screen, and when he reaches climax, the camera opens on his face, giving him a close-up. His expression, that of an intense pleasure.

INT. Sitting room- Day

Matthew is lying on the couch, his body covered beneath his duvet, shivering, hot. His phone is on the floor as it rings. 

Insert: DOLLY is projected on the touch-pad phone. 

Matthew tucks out his right hand and slightly scours for his phone, on the ground, around him, and lifts it, with his face covered beneath the duvet. He answers the call without checking the caller. 


(talks faintly) 

Hello. Who is on? 


My guy! You don’t have my number? 

Matthew takes the duvet from his face to see who is calling. DOLLY, it blurs to his face. Dolly is a year older than Matthew. They are the same month, but different days. Dolly, equal skin type as Matthew, ambitious and beautiful looking. His lips, to die for. His eyes in fiery haze. Matthew met with Dolly at a writing competition when he was 19, and they began a very close, more intimate friendship, although they live differently.


Dolly, I am sorry. I am very ill. Can you come help me to the clinic? 

MOS: Dolly goes on silence for 10 seconds. 



What’s happening to you? 


I do not know. Just come over please. 

Mathew drops the phone and places his hands on his head. His eyes are open. 

                MATTHEW (v.o) 

Could this have been as a result of my sleepless nights? Is it because I wank? Am I going to die? These questions began to ring in my head, and they cause me more acute feeling. DOLLY is my good friend. I like him so much. He is the only one I confide in, so he understands me.  

INT. Sitting room- day- continuous  

Dolly is around. He rushes into the house with fear. He goes straight to where Matthew is lying, his hot body temperature, and he is shivering. Matthew takes the duvet off his face as he hears the footsteps. DOLLY kneels before him as he feels the temperature of his head to his neck swiftly. 


When did this begin?   


This morning, after I had a nap. I am feeling terrible now. 


I had severally told you to see the doctor about this your sleeplessness, but you won’t listen. See what you are doing to yourself. 


Dolly helps him get up from the chair, props him to his room and they head for the hospital.    


Dolly became my saviour for that day. He had come with a cab man, and he covered the expenses at the hospital. 



The doctor advised I met a psychologist. He said I was going through depression, and that the content of the things I search for are oppressing for my heart to take.      

                                                        Dissolve to:

INT. Sitting room- day  

Weeks after he has seen the psychologist, and has a frequent appointment with him for a duration of two months, Matthew sits on the three-seater-couch in his room, happy. He now has a writing job as a freelancer, with a good pay, which doesn’t require him to be up all night.  

         Matthew (v.o) 

I have now secured a job with a media house as a freelance writer. My depression has lessen, and I am able to sleep very well. I feel less burden, because my heart is free from worrying about having a job. All thanks to Dolly.


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